Speed of Subway Trains Challenged

Subway trains at the Spring Street station twice struck passengers lying on the tracks on separate occasions. How fast should subway trains be moving when they enter a station? The faster the subway trains go, the more people the trains can carry and the quicker people will get to their destinations. Even a slowdown of a few seconds per train can slow the entire system. Speed is so important to the mission of the Transit … <Read More>

MTA Faces Adverse Possession Claim

Business owner claimed adverse possession of land sought by the MTA for substation. The MTA ordered Staten Island business owner Ettore Mazzei to vacate an undeveloped lot adjacent to the Staten Island Railway transit line. Mazzei claimed ownership by adverse possession of the 5,000-square-foot lot next to his 701 Bay Street building. Mazzei sued the MTA, Staten Island Railway, and the City to establish title to the lot he has used as a parking lot … <Read More>

City Planning Commission Considers Rezoning Application Near Train Terminal

Rezoning will allow for construction of building with 185 affordable units. On November 14, 2018, the City Planning Commission held a public hearing for a rezoning application that would allow for the construction of a new affordable nine-story mixed-use building in the Wakefield neighborhood of the Bronx. The proposed project site is on the corner of White Plains Road and East 241st, adjacent to the East 241st Street subway terminal along <Read More>