Speed of Subway Trains Challenged

Subway trains at the Spring Street station twice struck passengers lying on the tracks on separate occasions. How fast should subway trains be moving when they enter a station? The faster the subway trains go, the more people the trains can carry and the quicker people will get to their destinations. Even a slowdown of a few seconds per train can slow the entire system. Speed is so important to the mission of the Transit … <Read More>

City defeats highway injury claim

Driver was left paralyzed after collision with a guardrail on Henry Hudson Parkway. Benjamin Yannick worked as a server at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Manhattan. On October 27, 2003, after working from 3:30pm to 11:00pm, Yannick drove home to the Bronx on the Henry Hudson Parkway. Yannick lost control of his vehicle at approximately 12:50 a.m. near the intersection of 96th Street. Yannick veered from the middle lane of traffic to the left, crashed … <Read More>

City defeats claim based on falling sign

Pedestrian injured when bus stop sign fell from metal pole and struck him. On July 17, 2013, at around midnight, John T. Bunn was standing beside his parked car in front of 246 West Houston Street near a bus stop sign marked “W. Houston St & Varick St.” While standing at this location, the sign dislodged from its metal post, fell and struck Bunn in the head, causing him serious injuries.

Tort claim against HPD advances

HPD performed an emergency excavation without giving owner time to comply. The Trustee of a family Trust hired three workers to excavate soil on the Trust’s Brooklyn property to fix an emergency condition at 146 Wilson Street, Brooklyn. The three workers were trapped when the excavation collapsed. The City Department of Buildings issued a full stop order to the Trustee for excavations without a permit. The Housing Preservation & Development Department then advised the Trustee … <Read More>

Bicycle Riding and Injuries, Tort Claims and Defenses

Bike riding is enjoyable, healthy and fun. It can also be dangerous. The City is heavily invested in encouraging bike riding and bike safety. Yet, accidents happen, and when they do bike riders may opt to sue. Bike riders receive no special status as tort plaintiffs. Bike riders in court live by the same rules that govern tort claims by pedestrians and car drivers. As New York courts have repeatedly stated, a “bicyclist is required … <Read More>