Council Approves Conversion of Saint Vincent’s Triangle into City Parkland with AIDS Memorial

Privately-owned open space will be converted into a new City park that includes an aptly-placed Aids memorial across the street from the former-Saint Vincent’s Hospital.  On August 13, 2015, the City Council approved West Village Residences, LLC and the Department of Parks and Recreation’s application to transfer ownership of WVR-owned open space to the City and officially map the space as City parkland.  The open space is bounded by Seventh Avenue South, West … <Read More>

St.Vincent’s wins final Landmarks approval


Rudin Management’s proposed townhouses and residential tower along West 11th Street. Image: FXFOWLE Architects.

After more than a year and nine meetings, Landmarks approved final component of St. Vincent’s plan. On July 7, 2009, Landmarks approved Rudin Management’s amended plan for the redevelopment of the St. Vincent’s Hospital complex into a residential development. The complex is located between Sixth and Seventh Avenues and West 11th and 12th Streets in the Greenwich Village Historic District. … <Read More>