Stately Turn-of-the-Century Colonial Revival Home Designated an Individual Landmark

Individual landmark designed for politician and lawyer Peter Huberty by his son, Ulrich Huberty, architect of another potential individual added to Landmarks calendar. On October 24, 2017, Landmarks voted to designate the Peter P. and Rosa M. Huberty House an individual City landmark. The house stands 1019 Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. The free-standing Colonial Revival building was designed for Peter P. Huberty by his eldest son, Ulrich Huberty.

Sidewalk Cafe Legislation Calls for Earlier Hours, Efficient Application Process [UPDATE: Brunch Bill Approved]

Community boards fight City Council on shortened sidewalk cafe review period. On May 7, 2013, the City Council’s Committee on Consumer Affairs held a joint hearing with the Land Use Zoning & Franchises Subcommittee to discuss proposed amendments to sidewalk cafe regulations. Introductions 875-2012, 876-A-2012, and 1039-2013 seek to expand sidewalk cafe hours and streamline the sidewalk cafe licensing and registration process.

Sidewalk cafes are licensed and monitored by the City’s Department of Consumer Affairs<Read More>