Village BID expanded

BID expansion will double number of properties receiving sanitation and security assistance. The Planning Commission unanimously approved an application by the Village Alliance Business Improvement District Management Association and the Department of Small Business Services for expansion of the Village Alliance BID, originally established in 1993.

The existing BID, which comprises 129 predominantly mixed-use properties, is currently bounded by Sixth and Second Avenues to the west and east, West 4th Street to the south, and West 8th Street and Astor Place to the north. The expanded BID, which will represent a total of 315 properties and 430 businesses, will extend coverage along Sixth Avenue and University Place to Thirteenth Street, and along Broadway to East Tenth Street.

The expanded BID’s $735,000 projected budget – subsidized by a tax imposed on commercial properties located within the designated area – will allocate funds for sanitation and graffiti removal, public safety, promotion and marketing, capital improvements, streetscape maintenance, outreach services, and administration.

No one appeared in opposition at the public hearing and the Commission unanimously approved the expansion on June 7, 2006.

BID Approval:
Lead Agency: DSBS,Neg.Dec.
Comm.Bd.: MN 2, App’d.
Council: Finance, pending

CPC: Village Alliance BID (N 060415 BDM) (June 7, 2006). CITYADMIN

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