Morningside Heights-Notable for Early 20th Century Architecture Designated

District is composed of 115 buildings between West 109th and West 199th Streets. On February 21, 2017, the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted to designate the Morningside Heights Historic District, in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights neighborhood. Made up of 115 buildings, the district is characterized by its residential architecture, developed within a relatively short period of time in the early 20th century, for middle and upper class tenants. The district is bounded by West 109th Street … <Read More>

Wide Support for Landmarking of St. John the Divine Complex

Landmark site would include six associated buildings, as well as massive Episcopal cathedral. Landmarks held a hearing on the potential designation of St. John the Divine and the Cathedral Close at its meeting on December 6, 2016. Landmarks previously designated the Cathedral an individual City landmark in 2003, but the designation was overturned by the City Council. Council Members wished to see a designation that included surrounding properties, rather than just the footprint of the … <Read More>

Hearing Held on Potential Designation of Northern Manhattan Historic District

Designation of 115-property district widely supported by community and elected officials, though Columbia University and religious organizations opposed the inclusion of their properties within boundaries. On December 6, 2016, Landmarks held a hearing on the potential designation of the Morningside Heights Historic District. The potential district consists of 115 properties and is bounded by Riverside drive to the west, with 119th Street and 109th Street as its rough northern and southern boundaries. Landmarks officially added<Read More>

City Council Unanimously Approves Legislation to Prevent Gas Explosions [UPDATE: Mayor Signs Legislation]

gas explosionsUPDATE: On December 6, 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the package of bills to increase gas safety in New York City. “Gas safety is important for all New Yorkers, and this legislative package will resolve numerous regulatory oversights,” said the Mayor. “These reforms will ensure both property owners and utility companies are accountable for keeping buildings safe.”

“In a relatively short time we’ve seen a number of gas explosions take place in the City; … <Read More>

City Council Members Torres and Levine Introduce Bill to Create Affordable Housing Watchlist and Online Map

The watchlist and online map would keep track of affordable housing rental units at-risk of becoming unaffordable, as defined by specified criteria. On April 7, 2016, New York City Council Members Ritchie Torres and Mark Levine introduced a bill to implement the creation of a watchlist for affordable residential rental units Citywide that are at risk of losing their affordable-housing status.  The bill provides the requisite criteria to be met by a residential rental unit … <Read More>

Legislation Proposed in NY State Assembly Would Put an End to Online Advertising of Illegal Short-Term Apartment Rentals

Elected officials and affordable housing activists unite at State capitol in support of the legislation.  On February 24, 2016, 300 members and supporters of the Share Better coalition rallied at the State capitol in support of Assembly Bill A08704, which would ban most online listings advertising rental apartments for less than thirty days per renter. Bill A08704 was proposed to the State Assembly approximately one month after a report was released to the public that … <Read More>