BSA Grants Appeal for Caretaker Apartment in Sign Painting Shop

Sign Painting Shop in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn was granted an appeal to include a caretaker’s apartment within the property. The owners of 1109 Metropolitan Avenue in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn are planning to convert the property into the Sign Painting Shop, which will include a proposed caretaker apartment as an accessory use. On May 4, 2015, Department of Buildings (“Buildings”) determined that the proposed caretaker apartment was not permitted in the manufacturing zoning district. On December … <Read More>

BSA Grants Variance for Transfer of Development Rights to Facilitate Merging of Property

The transferring property was granted a variance 35 years ago, but the value of the development rights has since sky-rocketed. On March 8, 2016, the Board of Standards and Appeals unanimously voted to grant Charlton Cooperative Corporation’s request for a variance to transfer unused development rights from the applicant’s property, located at 112 Charlton Street, to an adjacent property, located at 108 Charlton Street, in Manhattan’s Special Hudson Square District. Because the site … <Read More>