St. Luke’s school to expand

St. Luke’s to construct one-story addition. Landmarks approved renovation plans for St. Luke’s School located at 675 Greenwich Street in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village Historic District. The St. Luke’s School buildings consist of a gymnasium, constructed in 1926 and designed by Renwick, Aspinwall and Guard, and a school building constructed in 1952. St. Luke’s sought to demolish part of the third floor of the gymnasium at the southern end of the building and construct a visible, one-story rooftop addition set back from the existing parapet wall. The proposal included removal of the top 2 ft. of the existing brick parapet wall at the western portion of the south facade and a 4 ft. increase in the height of the gymnasium parapet on the west facade with brick matching the color, size and texture of the existing wall. St. Luke’s proposed additional aesthetic renovations, including window and entranceway alterations and light fixture installations.

Landmarks approved the proposal, finding that because the addition would be only incidentally visible from the street when viewing the church and other historic buildings, the changes would not adversely affect the historic district. Landmarks also found that the additional aesthetic renovations would not detract from the building or the district.

LPC: 675 Greenwich Street (COFA #05- 4441) (December 23, 2004) (Linda M. Yowell, Linda Yowell Architects). CITYADMIN

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