Owner to remove waterproof coating

Cement coating applied without permits will damage masonry. Without permits, the owner of 315 President Street in the Carroll Gardens Historic District applied an orange, heavy cement-based waterproof coating to the exterior of his 1876 neo-Grec masonry rowhouse believing that it would protect the building, and also altered the windows. Following warning letters from Landmarks, the owner applied to legalize the waterproofing treatment and windows.

Denying both alterations, Landmarks advised the owner that if the acrylic waterproofing treatment remained it would cause serious damage to the brownstone masonry by preventing moisture from escaping. Due to the impermeable nature of the sealant, the masonry would crack during each post-winter thawing and eventually crumble when water became trapped between the sealant and the masonry. Landmarks also found that its orange color conflicted with other brownstones. The waterproof coating, which is specifically designed for permanency, will have to be chiseled off and the brownstone facade reconstructed. Landmarks, commenting to CityLand, noted that it is unfortunate that permits were not sought prior to the sealant’s application because the owner was misled to believe that the coating would protect the historic building.

LPC: 315 President Street (Permit Denial No. 05-4327) (December 27, 2004). CITYADMIN

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