ECB Upholds Buildings Advertising Signs Violation in Brooklyn

Board agreed zoning prohibited advertising signs painted on the wall.  On March 29, 2014 the Department of Buildings issued five notices of violation against the Respondent, Metropolitan Avenue 298-308 Associates, Inc., for a prohibited outdoor advertising company sign painted onto the wall of 302 Metropolitan Avenue and failing to comply with previous Buildings orders in 2011 to correct previously-displayed signs.

Advertising sign application denied

Owner sought to install billboard capable of running 54 advertisements. Baychester Retail III LLC filed applications to install an LED billboard capable of displaying 54 video screen advertisements on a commercial property located near Co-op City, in the Baychester section neighborhood of the Bronx near the New England Thruway. Buildings denied the applications.

Advertising Sign Violations Upheld

Clear Channel Outdoor installed a monopole on a vacant lot to support two large billboards near the Major Deegan Expressway. In 2009, Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. installed a double-sided sign structure within view of the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx. The monopole structure supported a sign for Clear Channel on one side and a sign for Beringer wines on the other. The premises was vacant other than the monopole sign structure. A building with … <Read More>

Victoria’s Secret fined $7,200 for signs

Outdoor signs at Herald Square store exceeded the maximum allowable height. Victoria’s Secret, located in Herald Square at 1328 Broadway in Manhattan, maintained three outdoor signs that reached 37 feet above curb level. On November 23, 2015, the Department of Buildings charged Victoria’s Secret with violating the maximum allowable height of 25 feet as set out in Section 32-655 of the New York City Zoning Resolution. The officer charged Victoria’s Secret with three Class 2 … <Read More>

Court Vacates BSA Denial of Advertising Sign Registration

Court ruled the signs were not under City jurisdiction.  On March 26, 2012 the Department of Buildings issued Notice of Sign Registration Rejection letters denying registration for twenty-one advertising signs owned by CBS Outdoor Inc.  The Department based its rejection on the signs being too close to an arterial highway, in violation of the City Zoning Resolution.  On January 29, 2013 the Board of Standards and Appeals upheld the rejection.  CBS Outdoor, joined by the … <Read More>

Building’s Refusal to Permit Advertising Sign on Eagle Electric Building Upheld.

Eagle claimed huge sign visible from Queensboro Bridge was not an accessory sign.  The Eagle Electric Manufacturing Company, in 1936, constructed a 1,950 square foot sign on the rooftop of its plant located at 23-10 Queens Plaza South, Queens. The plant is located in the M1-9/R9 Special Long Island City Mixed Use zoning district and within 200 feet of the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. Eagle ceased operations in 2000; the plant where the sign is … <Read More>