Manhattan College gets market/parking garage

Manhattan College and Pathmark partner on new supermarket and campus parking garage. On June 21, 2006, the Planning Commission unanimously approved an application made by Manhattan College to permit construction of a six-level parking garage/supermarket structure on Broadway and Manhattan College Parkway in the Bronx. The Commission also approved a revocable consent to allow a pedestrian bridge to connect the market and garage to the Manhattan College campus.

The college partnered with the Pathmark supermarket chain to fund the project which will include a 72,734-square-foot, ground-floor supermarket, 187 parking spaces on the second floor for customers, and 738 parking spaces on the remaining four floors for the campus community. The development would be located on an 85,000-square-foot lot owned by Manhattan College and currently used as a maintenance facility and parking lot that fronts both Broadway and Manhattan College Parkway. Pedestrian and car access to the supermarket would be on Broadway. The Manhattan College parking lot would be accessible from Manhattan College Parkway.

The development required rezoning to change the lot’s manufacturing zoning (M1-1) to residential zoning (R6) with a commercial overlay. Along with Manhattan College’s lot, the application proposed to rezone eight adjacent lots, not owned by Manhattan College, which would legalize four non-conforming commercial uses. The college also sought approval of a 137.5 foot-long, seven foot-wide pedestrian bridge crossing 23 feet above Manhattan College Parkway to provide the college community with 24-hour access to the parking garage.

At the Commission’s May 24, 2006 public hearing, Manhattan College President, Brother Thomas Scanlan, testified that the parking garage was necessary for the college to be competitive since car usage among college students had increased over the years. The pedestrian bridge was an important safety precaution due to the winding layout of Manhattan College Parkway and the expected pedestrian traffic between the campus and parking garage. Paul Travis, representing Pathmark, emphasized that the supermarket has proven to be a good neighbor in the Bronx, and had agreed to dedicate 80 percent of the project’s construction jobs to Bronx residents. It will also reach out to the community for long-term employees, and provide shuttle bus services for local seniors.

With unanimous approval by the Planning Commission, Chair Amanda M. Burden said that the bridge was critical for safe pedestrian crossing and its visual impact would be minimal. With respect to the parking garage/supermarket structure, the Commission noted that the development would maintain the residential, commercial, and academic context of the area.

The City Council asked to review the pedestrian bridge along with Manhattan College’s rezoning request.

ULURP Process
Lead Agency: CPC,Neg.Dec.
Comm.Bd.: BX 8, App’d, 23-2-1
Boro. President: App’d
Council: pending

CPC: Van Cortlandt Center (C 060215 GFX – revocable consent); (C 060214 ZMX – map amendment) (June 21, 2006). CITYADMIN

CITYLAND Note: Manhattan College has also applied to BSA for a variance and special permits to permit the project’s height and size and allow for rooftop parking (BSA Application No. 32-06-BZ).

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