CityLaw Profile – City Council Zoning Chair Donovan Richards on Improving Sustainability

Donovan Richards was elected to the City Council from the 31st District in February 2013.  When you speak with City Council member Donovan Richards, two things become readily apparent:  an encyclopedic knowledge of the needs of his Southeast Queens Council district and the drive to pursue solutions for each of those needs simultaneously.

CityLaw Profile – Probation Commissioner Ana Bermudez and Innovation in Government

Ana Bermudez was named DOP Commissioner in April 2014. Born in the Guaynabo suburb of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bermudez grew up with her mother’s commitment to social justice and a belief that humans have a responsibility to care for each other. Bermudez left Puerto Rico in 1982 to attend college at Brown University and later Yale Law School. Originally intending to become a hospital administrator, Bermudez quickly found a passion for trial work through … <Read More>

CityLaw Profile – COIB General Counsel Wayne Hawley on Ethical City Government

Wayne Hawley has served with the Conflicts of Interest Board since 1999. Born in California, Hawley grew up in a military family and moved frequently, completing high school in Virginia before returning to California as an undergrad at Claremont McKenna College. He relocated to the East Coast again for Yale Law School, then in his words, “followed the bouncing ball” back to Los Angeles for two years of private practice. Hawley crossed the country again … <Read More>

CityLaw Profile – NYCHA General Counsel David Farber on Meeting NYCHA’s Challenges

David Farber was appointed New York City Housing Authority Executive Vice-President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel in August 2014.  When speaking with David, his clear love for New York City is readily apparent and supplemented by a driving desire to leave the city better than he found it.  Turning 50 this year, David has spent the majority of his professional career in service to his city with great satisfaction.

Born in Manhattan and raised … <Read More>

CityLaw Profile: Robert Carroll – Bridging Politics and Theater

Robert Carroll graduated New York Law School in 2013 and his first written play The Believers opened in 2014.  While a person could draw many inferences about Robert Carroll’s career path from examining his family history, “playwright” is not likely one that immediately comes to mind.  The 28 year old has pursued his interests in theater and politics in parallel, demonstrating a conscious refusal to let his job description restrict him all the while.