Two Staten Island neighborhoods down-zoned

Bay Terrace and Oakwood down-zoned to prohibit semidetached homes. On November 16, 2005, the City Council approved zoning map amendments to rezone 48 blocks of Bay Terrace and Oakwood, Staten Island.

Council Member Andrew J. Lanza initiated the Bay Terrace proposal in response to concerns about over-development in Staten Island. The proposal called for the rezoning of an area bounded by Amboy Road, Buffalo Avenue, Durant Avenue, and Bay Terrace. Under the proposal, 27 blocks would be rezoned from R3-1 to R3X to prevent the construction of semi-detached houses and require larger lots for increased building height.

The Oakwood proposal called for the rezoning of an area bounded by Tysens Lane, Manila Avenue, Guyon Avenue, and Hylan Boulevard. Under the proposal, 21 blocks would be rezoned from R3-1 to R2 to limit construction solely to single- family homes.

The full Council approved at the stated meeting on November 16, 2005.

ULURP Process: The Planning Commission, as lead agency, issued negative declarations on both rezonings. Community Board 3 unanimously approved as did Borough President James Molinaro.

The Commission approved the applications on October 19, 2005 over the no-vote of Commissioner Karen A. Phillips, stating that the rezonings reflect the established character of the neighborhoods. Phillips opposed limiting future development in Oakwood to single-family homes, and argued that both down-zonings required a more comprehensive approach.

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