Thank You – Center for New York City Law Honor Roll 2022-2023

The Center for New York City Law is approaching its 30th anniversary and we could not be more grateful and proud to share the Honor Roll listing the names of the people who have financially supported the Center for New York City Law in 2022-2023. Without your generous and loyal support, the Center for New York City Law could not sustain its civic programs and publications. We are indebted to you and thank you.

Many of the names on the Honor Role of Supporters have been friends of the Center for New York City Law from the very beginning. Stanley Shuman and Richard Menschel started on Day One and continue to share their wide knowledge of City finances, policies, and politics.

The 187 CityLaw Breakfasts held at New York Law School have benefitted from the sponsorship of the founding sponsors: Consolidated Edison, Verizon, and the law firm of Greenberg Traurig. We thank Frances Resheske, Richard Windram and Edward Wallace for their friendship and support.

More than a few of the names on the Honor Roll attended those earliest CityLaw Breakfasts beginning in 1994 in the faculty lounge in the old building. I name only three friends on this year’s Honor Roll who were present at the beginning and just recently passed away: Steve Polan, Jack Krauskopf, and Brendan Sexton.

I want to thank all the Gold Star contributors and know that you are pleased that we were finally able to return to in-person CityLaw Breakfasts. Mayor Eric Adams’ breakfast on August 29, 2023, was the first in-person breakfast speaker in more than two years. He was followed by Ken Feinberg, the Special Master of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, and Dan Garodnick, the chair of the City Planning Commission. There will be many more to come.

If you are interested in supporting the Center for New York City Law, you can make a donation here. With your generous and loyal support, we look forward to another successful year.

– Ross Sandler


Honor Roll

Charina Endowment Fund

Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Raymond James and Associates, Inc.

Steven Aresty Foundation

The Marc Haas Foundation



Kathleen O. Ahlers

Angela Albertus

Penelope E. Andrews

Lauren R. Angelo ’08


Ronald Banks

Ting Barrow

Steven Barshov

Alan Bell

Jeff Becherer and Matt Blood

Sokol Bejleri

Bruce Berg

Andrea Berger

Darren S. Bloch ’04

Robert M. Brill

Ray Bromley

Jeffrey Casaletto

Charles Chavez

Cesar de Castro ’00 and Pei Pei Cheng-de Castro ’00

Mark Chertok

Donna Chiaia

Diane M. Coffey

Stacey Cohen

Steve M. Cohen ’13 and Sarah Hill

David Condliffe

Lorial Crowder

Jane R. Crotty

Anthony W. Crowell and David Rohde

Elissa Cushman

Clinton N. Daggan ’09

John L. Damon

John Darin

Sid Davidoff

George C. DeLuca ’82

Mark Diller

Linh Do

Deneen Donnley

Peter Ebright

Lorna Fairweather

Jeremy Feigelson

Antonio Figueroa

Elizabeth Fine

Jeffrey Friedlander

Luke Gayford

Noah Genel

Jennifer Gilroy Ruiz

Mark Ginsberg

Steven Glassman

Jordan Goldberg

Howard Goldman

Eric Goldstein

Michelle Gomez

Y. G. Goode

Lorna Goodman

Adam P. Gordon ’11

Paul R. Gottsegen

Francis Greenburger

Michael Griffith

Bryan Grimaldi

Myrna Hall

Patrick Hall

David Hammer

Wayne Hawley

Marjorie Henning

Susan M. Hinkson ’98, LL.M. ’12

Joyce Holland

Samara Holland

Deborah Howes

William Hubbard

Catherine Hughes

Petal M. Hwang ’13

Patrick Hyland

Hon. Debra James

Rachel John

Linda Jones

Brian J. Kaszuba ’04 and Molly A. Kaszuba

Roman Katz ’11

Richard Katzman

Jessica H. Kavoulakis ’01

Seth Kaye

Michael Keane

Carol Kellermann

John J. Kenney

Sarah Kessler

Edward P. Kiernan ’17

Steven N. Kirkpatrick ’94

Iris Korman

James A. Krauskopf

Adam G. Kurtz ’88

Edward LaGrassa

Peter Lampen

Edgar Lampert and Robin Lampert

Arthur S. Leonard

Fay Leoussis

Hugh Lester

Leslie N. Leutwiler ’16

Lele Levay

Brenda Levin

Lynette Lewis

Laura Limuli

Jack T. Linn

Brian E. Logan

Amy Loprest

Ken Lowenstein

Walter Mack

Robert A. Mallow ’68

Evelyn I. Mason ’86

Scott Y. Matsuda ’22

Sharon McCarthy

Mary McCorry

Charles McFaul

Michael McGuire

Mark McIntyre

Thomas L. McMahon ’83

Carol Meenan

Michael Meola

Anne Meredith

Hilary Meltzer

Frances Milberg

Joanna Mintzer-Ferrell and Donald Ferrell

Celines Miranda

Mary Ann Chiulli and Robert Moore

Alison Morpurgo

Kevin Murphy

Sheila P. Murphy Aresty ’94

Affan Nagi

Joseph Napoleon

Terzah Nasser

Justin Neidig

Thomas T. Newell

Glenn Newman

Margaret Newman

Lisette Nieves

James R. O’Neill

James Parrott

Peter Patch

Michael D. Patrick

Virginia Pruitt

Hannah Pennington

Robert Plautz

Steven M. Polan

Robert Pollack

Dale and Craig Raisig

Ian Rasmussen

T. Gorman Reilly

Lucius Riccio

Charles Rich

Ronald E. Richter

Kurt W. Rieke ’91 and Andrea M. Schaffer

Christopher Rizzo

Marilyn Rosenberg

Jack Rosenfield

Robert Roth

Alan Rothstein

Eric Rundbaken

Pasqualino Russo

Mirtha C. Sabio ’98

Frank A. St. Jacques ’11

Joan R. Salzman

Josie Sandler

Lee Sandler and Diane Sandler

Ross Sandler and Alice Sandler

Larry Sapadin

Frederick P. Schaffer

Jeffrey Schanback

Gary D. Schuller ’78

Katie Schwab

Keith Schwam

Bart Schwartz

Gerald Scupp

Betsy Seidman

Brendan Sexton

Lee T. Sheridan ’02

Stanley S. Shuman

Kevin Slakas and Maureen Slakas

Christopher Slowik

Asha S. Smith ’07

Steven Smollens

Gerard Soffian

Polly Spain

Roschel Holland H. Stearns

Jane Steinberg

Michael Strasser

Alan Sugarman

Paul J. Tagliabue

John R. Tatulli ’04

Louise E. Tatum ’20

Gabriel Taussig

Jonathan Taylor

Patricia-Anne Taylor Carsel ’87

Sheila Tendy

Erika Thomas

Philip Tugendrajch

Johnny T. Vasser Jr. ’11

Irene Van Slyke

Louis Venech

Edward C. Wallace Jr.

Leonard Wasserman

Theresa Ward

Isabelle Dee D. Wedemeyer

Roberta Weisbrod

Carl Weisbrod

Howad S. Weiss ’81 and Roberta Weiss

Jeff Willett

Kevin Williams

Michelle Winfield

Fred R. Wistow ’77

Barak Wrobel

Joni Yoswein

Derek Zimmerman ’03

Lawrence S. Zombek ’20

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