DCP Announces a Faster and Enhanced ZoLa

The ZoLa 2.0 update adds features that allow users to customize maps, view explanatory information, and see indicators about a property. On March 5, 2019, Department of City Planning Director Marissa Lago announced improvements to the agency’s Zoning and Land Use Application (ZoLa). ZoLa is a free online mapping tool that provides simple ways to research zoning regulations for a property, discover new land use proposals in a neighborhood, and view the location of historic … <Read More>

Planning unveils online land use and zoning tool

Mapping tool provides range of zoning and land use information for individual properties and City at large. On August 25, 2011, the Department of City Planning and the Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications announced the release of the publicly accessible zoning and land use web application known as as ZoLa. The web-based Geographic Information Systems tool provides up-to-date maps with zoning and land use information for New York City properties.

ZoLa is a part … <Read More>