Planning unveils online land use and zoning tool

Mapping tool provides range of zoning and land use information for individual properties and City at large. On August 25, 2011, the Department of City Planning and the Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications announced the release of the publicly accessible zoning and land use web application known as as ZoLa. The web-based Geographic Information Systems tool provides up-to-date maps with zoning and land use information for New York City properties.

ZoLa is a part of NYC Simplicity, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s plan to use technology to make government more transparent, customer focused, innovative, and efficient.

ZoLa is based on the same platform as the City’s online NYCityMap application and allows users to find land use information in “interactive, highly-readable map layers.” Users can review land use and zoning information for specific properties, neighborhoods, and the City at large. ZoLa’s map layers provide data on zoning designations, area land uses, landmark designations, and boundaries for historic districts and City Council and Community Districts. Users can also highlight locations where the City’s Inclusionary Housing Program, Lower Density Growth Management regulations, and FRESH food store incentives apply.

Other map layers include information related to Business Improvement Districts, Empire Zones, Federal Empowerment Zones, waterfront areas, and environmental designations. Planning anticipates that layers indicating Industrial Business Zones, urban renewal areas, and sidewalk cafes will be added to the application in the future.

ZoLa also allows users to view rezoning proposals undergoing public review, as well as rezonings that have been approved by the City since January 2002. For private rezonings, ZoLa provides a sketch map of the proposal and a link to additional application information. ZoLa will be updated monthly.

ZoLa is available through Planning’s website at or can be accessed directly at

City Planning’s New Web Application — ZoLa — Is One Stop Shop For Zoning Information, DCP/DoITT Press Release, Sept. 7, 2011.

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