Save the Yellow Cab Industry

For 80 years Yellow Cabs have been uniquely successful in New York City, that is until Uber, Lyft and the other app-based networks undermined the industry. This is a huge loss. A street-hail cab system that offers prompt transportation in safe, inspected, insured cabs with a meter and fixed fee is a huge public service. This is especially true in the dense business districts and transportation terminals like the airports. App-based services have no advantage … <Read More>

Taxis: Yellow, Green and Black: Competition & Evolution

On a daily basis I am reminded that seemingly everyone loves to talk about taxis. Last year between the Daily News, the Post and Times, there were over 2,000 articles mentioning taxis, which transport about a million people a day – yet only about 3,000 articles mentioning subways which transport six-million people a day. Travelers and New Yorkers are clearly disproportionally obsessed with taxis.

Assuming that what people ask me is representative of what’s on … <Read More>