COMPLETE VIDEO: 151st CityLaw Breakfast with TLC Commissioner Meera Joshi

At this morning’s 151st CityLaw Breakfast, Taxi and Limousine Commission Chair Meera Joshi spoke on what’s changed and what hasn’t in for-hire vehicles. She acknowledged the biggest change in the industry to be size. The volume of taxis and for-hire vehicles has increased over the years, also increasing the number of daily trips taken in the City. Manhattan sees the largest number of trips.

Commissioner Joshi reflected on TLC’s increasing efforts for taxi safety, … <Read More>

A tale of the lost glove and the efficiency of the 311 system

Returning home at 11 p.m. from a charitable fundraiser in a yellow cab on a Thursday night with my wife Alice Sandler, I lost my right glove. It fell to the floor of the cab as I paid the fare, retrieved the receipt, gathered my umbrella and shouldered my briefcase. I discovered that the glove had disappeared when I arrived home.

Taxis: Yellow, Green and Black: Competition & Evolution

On a daily basis I am reminded that seemingly everyone loves to talk about taxis. Last year between the Daily News, the Post and Times, there were over 2,000 articles mentioning taxis, which transport about a million people a day – yet only about 3,000 articles mentioning subways which transport six-million people a day. Travelers and New Yorkers are clearly disproportionally obsessed with taxis.

Assuming that what people ask me is representative of what’s on … <Read More>

David Yassky: Shepherding In a New Era In Taxi Service

Taxi service in Manhattan has taken on a different look the past few years as the ubiquitous Crown Victoria cabs were gradually replaced by a variety of mostly smaller, sleeker and more efficient vehicles. There’s a new color too, green cabs are now popping up in the outer boroughs of the City. Taxi & Limousine Commissioner David Yassky has been at the helm of the changing taxi service landscape, and at times it has been … <Read More>