Queens residential area protected

196 blocks of Cambria Heights down-zoned. On July 27, 2005, the City Council unanimously approved a down-zoning, impacting 196 blocks of Cambria Heights, Queens. It is the first rezoning initiative in this neighborhood since 1961 and the fifth Queens neighborhood down-zoned by the City in 2005.

Designed to closely match the size of existing development, the down-zoning’s new residential districts (R2A, R3A, R3-1, and R4B) decrease the size and density of asof- right buildings. The … <Read More>

LIRR commuter parking lot to become senior housing

Development will contain 38 units of senior housing, office space, and 54 tenant parking spaces. The Department of Citywide Administrative Services obtained approval to dispose of a 47,108 sq.ft. site located at 240-02 North Conduit Avenue, currently providing 40 parking spaces for Rosedale LIRR commuters, to the New York City Economic Development Corporation for a new mixed-use development. EDC will transfer the site to Stone Ridge Homes, Inc., which will develop a three-story, 16,402 sq.ft. … <Read More>

88 Blocks of Southeast Queens Down-Zoned

Council vote completes 4-year push to prohibit large apartment buildings. The City Council approved the Planning Commission’s comprehensive down-zoning proposal of 88 blocks in Brookville, north of JFK International Airport in Queens. The Council’s vote completes a four-year-long initiative, which started with a community letter to the Queens Borough President in 2000 and led to the creation of a joint Community Board, Borough President, and City Planning Department Task Force.

The Brookville residents, pointing … <Read More>