Commissioners Vote to Adopt Rules Governing Installation of Public Wi-Fi Kiosks

Following public testimony on proposed rule, it was modified to require that new kiosks in residential historic district go before Landmarks for review, and increased the distance from which a kiosk replacing a pay phone may be sited near another public communications structure. On June 28, 2016, the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted to adopt modifications to existing rules regarding pay phones to account for a Mayoral plan to replace all pay phones with new … <Read More>

City Council Member Ben Kallos Proposes Bill to Unify the City Government’s Interactive Websites, Including the City’s Affordable Housing Site

If enacted, all governmental online services and portals will be centralized in one manageable location online and on a mobile phone app.  On March 9, 2016, City Council Member Ben Kallos issued a press release announcing the proposal of a bill to streamline New York City’s interactive websites to one location.  By utilizing Single Sign-on, or SSO, technology, users would be required to remember only one username and password to gain access to their own … <Read More>

Pay phone ads ruled illegal

Franchise holder advertised on public pay phones located in a residential zoning district. The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications charged Coastal Communication Service, Inc., a public pay phone franchise holder, with displaying advertisements on public pay phones within a residential zoning district. Coastal’s franchise agreement limited the display of advertisements on public pay phones to residential districts where commercial or manufacturing uses were permitted as-of-right.

Coastal argued that DoITT had exceeded its authority by … <Read More>