Trespass Damages Of $750,000 Upheld

Land developer’s construction of building encroached upon neighbors’ land. Britton Property, Inc., a developer, constructed a new six-story residential building located on Britton Avenue, in Elmhurst Queens. Britton installed 17 steel I-beams, a roof cap, and a brick façade that physically encroached on surrounding properties and the properties’ airspace. Britton’s architectural plans provided for the beams to be installed temporarily on the surrounding properties, but Britton failed to remove them.

Vibration Damages Lawsuit To Be Tried

A building developed cracks in its foundation allegedly caused by pile driving associated with an adjacent construction project. Procida Construction Corp., a general contractor, undertook construction of a new building at 322 West 231st Street in the Bronx adjacent to Famous Formaggio Pizzeria’s building located at 300-318 West 231st Street. During pile driving an enlarged crack appeared in the foundation of Famous Formaggio’s building. Procida halted the pile driving and established a stability … <Read More>