Board of Standards & Appeals Adopts Major Revision of Its Rules on Practices and Procedures

BSA last amended its rules in 1995. On July 13, 2012, BSA adopted a final rule updating its practices and procedures. The final rule revises and clarifies the requirements governing filing procedures, public review, and the decision-making process for all applications filed at BSA. The final rule adds instructions on the filing, referral, and hearing notice requirements for vested rights applications; clarifies the types of applications filed on the Appeals (A) Calendar; revises the … <Read More>

Landmarks proposes new streamlined storefront rules

Citywide rule change would streamline review process for changes to building storefronts under Landmarks’ jurisdiction. On February 23, 2012, Landmarks published in the City Record a proposed amendment to the City rules that would streamline the review process for proposed alterations to the storefronts of land-marked buildings. Currently the majority of applications for changes to storefronts need to be reviewed by Landmarks’ commissioners. The Citywide rule change would permit Landmarks’ staff to approve applications for … <Read More>