Board of Standards & Appeals Adopts Major Revision of Its Rules on Practices and Procedures

BSA last amended its rules in 1995. On July 13, 2012, BSA adopted a final rule updating its practices and procedures. The final rule revises and clarifies the requirements governing filing procedures, public review, and the decision-making process for all applications filed at BSA. The final rule adds instructions on the filing, referral, and hearing notice requirements for vested rights applications; clarifies the types of applications filed on the Appeals (A) Calendar; revises the existing rules to allow BSA discretion to review applications to amend previous grants on the Special Order (SOC) calendar; and provides more specific guidance on the eligibility criteria for filing certain types of applications on the SOC calendar if the term has expired for more than two years but less than ten years. In an effort to streamline the dismissal process when it is clear that applications are not being prosecuted, the new rule provides that staff may dismiss an application, by letter, if the application has not been completed within one year from the issuance of BSA’s notice of comments.

City Record, July 13, 2012, at 1804.

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