Union Square Restaurant Affirmed Unanimously by Court of Appeals

Court found the agreement was a valid license and did not violate the public trust doctrine; Coalition hopes new Mayor will terminate license.  In March 2012, the City signed a licensing agreement with Chef Driven Market, LLC, (Chef) authorizing Chef to open a 200-seat seasonal restaurant in the Union Square northern pavilion. The Union Square Park Community Coalition filed an article 63 petition seeking a preliminary injunction against the City from enforcing the licensing … <Read More>

Union Square Restaurant Put on Hold by Judge [Update: Appellate Division Rules in Favor of Planned Restaurant]

See below for update.

Neighborhood coalition sued Parks over proposed plan to open restaurant in Union Square. Union Square is comprised of 3.6 acres of dedicated municipal parkland, stretching three blocks in length and one block in width. Union Square Park’s pavilion has hosted a myriad of political events and recreational activities for over a century. In 2004, the City announced its plans to open a restaurant in the pavilion. In April 2008, the Union <Read More>