Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Building 77 Opens After $185 Million Renovation

The building is expected to expand the City’s manufacturing industry and create more middle class jobs. On November 9, 2017, Mayor Bill de Blasio opened Building 77, one of the central buildings within the Brooklyn Navy Yard Industrial Park. The building and its $185 million renovation is a part of a billion dollar investment financed by Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, the Mayoral City Capital, the City Council, and the Brooklyn <Read More>

Admirals Row Plaza project approved by Council

Admirals Row Plaza project view on the corner of Navy and Nassau Streets. Image: Courtesy of GreenbergFarrow.

Community and labor groups supported project, but sought assurances that Brooklyn Navy Yard would not lease space to Wal-Mart. On November 29, 2011, the City Council approved the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation’s Admirals Row Plaza project at the corner of Nassau and Navy Streets in Brooklyn. The six-acre site is located at the southeast edge … <Read More>

Admirals Row Plaza OK’d

Brooklyn Navy Yard proposal would add supermarket and additional light industrial space. On October 19, 2011, the City Planning Commission approved the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation’s Admirals Row Plaza mixed-use project on the southeast edge of the Brooklyn Navy Yard at the corner of Navy and Nassau Streets in Brooklyn. The United States National Guard Bureau retained control over the six-acre project site after the City purchased the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The federally-owned site … <Read More>

Transfer of historic Admirals Row approved

Commission approved 34-acre transfer to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. The Department of Small Business Services and DCAS proposed to acquire and transfer an additional 34 acres to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation to be added to the 262-acre area currently under its management. A majority of the area to be transferred, 28 acres, contains the former U.S. Navy’s Hospital Annex. The remaining six acres, currently owned by the U.S. National Guard, contain … <Read More>