Primary Elections 2024 – Part 2: What to Expect

On Tuesday, June 25 2024, New Yorkers will return to the polls to vote in Congressional and state assembly primary elections. New York is a closed primary state, so voters must register with a political party participating in the primary to vote. The deadline to register to vote, update your address or request an absentee ballot online or by mail is Saturday, June 15th. 

Tablet Computers To Aid Elections

City Board of Elections purchases 4,000 tablet computers to speed up election results and monitoring. The Board of Elections of the City of New York has introduced new technology to speed up election results and report problems at poll sites. The Board’s tablet program has grown since its implementation in 2013 when election monitoring teams started with 500 tablets. The Board now has more than 4,000 tablets housed in the Board’s Manhattan warehouse and available <Read More>