Staten Island shopping center approved

Mall to be built on 7.7 acres of vacant woodland. Guido Passarelli sought Planning Commission approval to construct a 136,271- square-foot shopping and office center on a 7.7-acre site of undeveloped woodland in the Charleston section of Staten Island. The five proposed buildings would contain a home improvement store, a discount department store, retail outlets and office space, and would include a 454-space parking lot. Access to the site, which is bound by Veterans Road West, Tyrellan Avenue, the Korean War Veterans Parkway and the West Shore Expressway, would be along Veterans Road West.

Passarelli’s development required a special permit to allow the large retail use and approvals for the removal of trees and grading. The site’s existing 426 trees would be removed and replaced with 277 trees within the parking lot, sidewalk and along the setback areas.

At the August 10, 2005 public hearing, Passarelli’s representative stressed that the shopping center would provide a needed alternative to Staten Islanders, who now travel to New Jersey to shop. The Commission approved on September 14, 2005, noting that the project would provide tax revenue and jobs to the city. The Commission found the auto access adequate and noted that the two highways adjacent to the site, Korean War Veterans Park way and the West Shore Expressway, provided a natural buffer between the mall and Staten Island’s established residential neighborhoods.

Community Board 3 and Borough President James P. Molinaro recommended approval.

CPC: Veterans Road Shopping Center (C 030399 ZSR – special permit for large retail) (September 14, 2005). CITYADMIN

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