Staten Island Greenbelt adds 1.65 acre City park

New park would preserve natural features. The Department of Parks and Recreation sought a map amendment and approval of the acquisition of a 1.65-acre wooded parcel of private land to facilitate the creation of Manor Park on the southeasterly corner of Altamont Street and Manor Road in Staten Island.

The proposed park site, currently owned by Kanaga Corporation, includes a series of kettle ponds, vernal ponds, and young and mature trees. The site is used by the public and an adjacent Boy Scout camp for nature walks and camping. Almost half of the park has been designated federal and state protected wetlands. Parks has no immediate plans to improve the site and will maintain it in its natural state.

At the Planning Commission’s public hearing on May 25, 2005, a speaker from Parks described the proposal and no speakers opposed. The Commission unanimously approved the application on June 22, 2005, finding that the establishment of the site as parkland would help preserve and protect the area and its natural habitat. Further, the application will place Manor Park under Parks’ jurisdiction, which would allow it to take appropriate action to preserve the site’s natural features.

ULURP Process: Parks, as lead agency, issued a negative declaration on November 12, 2002. Community Board 2 approved with no conditions. Borough President James Molinaro did not submit a recommendation.

CPC: Manor Park (C 020265 MMR – map amendment and acquisition) (June 22, 2005). CITYADMIN

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