134 residential units approved on waterfront

Nineteenth century warehouse to be converted into condominiums. CPP Development LLC, owner of 109-09 15th Avenue, a 100,338-square-foot waterfront lot in an M2-1 district in College Point, Queens, sought a variance to convert and enlarge the existing three-story, masonry warehouse into a six-story, 134-unit residential building. CPP proposed to construct two rear yard additions to the existing 1856 warehouse, which was formerly occupied by the Chilton Paint Company, and remodel the first floor of the building featuring a glass lobby with waterfront views.

CPP argued that manufacturing uses were infeasible within the existing warehouse, because it would take $2 million to adapt it to current industry standards. The site’s poor soil conditions, surrounding narrow streets, lack of access to major highways, and a State environmental restriction on new building size on the lot, made new as-of-right buildings infeasible. CPP also argued that most of the surrounding waterfront area was being used for residential and commercial development even though it was zoned for manufacturing.

BSA determined that hardship existed, finding the building’s size, combined with the site’s location and poor soil conditions rendered conforming manufacturing use infeasible. BSA requested additional designs, however, due to the building’s proposed height, and questioned CPP’s valuation of comparable condominium sales. CPP reduced the building’s height by ten feet and provided a revised economic analysis with two four-story alternatives, but argued that the six-story condominium building was the only economically feasible option.

BSA granted the variance for a six-story, 134-unit residential building with 139 parking spaces in a two-cellar garage on the condition that the total height of the building not exceed 67 feet and 4 inches.

BSA: 109-09 15th Avenue (209-04-BZ) (July 19, 2005) (Joseph P. Morsellino, for CPP Development). CITYADMIN

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