Solow files applications for former Con Edison site

Plan includes seven mixed-use buildings and public parking facilities. On June 12, 2007, Solow Properties filed 17 linked applications to permit major new developments on two large parcels along First Avenue roughly extending from East 35th to East 36th Streets, and East 38th to East 41st Streets. The applications propose to rezone the full city block along First Avenue between East 35th and East 36th Streets and the FDR Drive from manufacturing to a commercial zoning (M1-5 and M3- 2 to C4-6) to permit two mixed-use buildings. Solow seeks to rezone the second, larger former Con Edison site running along First Avenue from East 38th to East 41st Streets from a commercial/manufacturing zoning to a commercial zoning that would facilitate five new mixed-use buildings. Among the applications are special permit applications for parking garages, including a 294- space public parking garage at 616 First Avenue. The City is preparing a draft EIS studying a total square footage of 6.3 million, including 4.3 million sq.ft. of residential space.

Community Board 6, in anticipation of Solow’s application, filed a competing plan for the nine-acre Con Edison site. The Planning Commission held a hearing on Board 6’s plan, but held its final vote on the plan to wait until Solow’s plan reached the hearing stage. 3 CityLand 161 (Nov. 15, 2006).

See the City Planning Pipeline for a full description of all 17 applications.

New York City Department of City Planning, Applications Received During June 2007.

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