Advertising sign claim denied

Building owner challenged loss of advertising rights. In 1998, Astoria Landing purchased an existing four-story apartment building located in a residential zone at 24-59 32nd Street in Astoria, Queens. The building’s previous owner had obtained a permit to display commercial advertisements and begun to display advertisements in the 1940s. In 1961, the City adopted new zoning rules which banned the display of advertisements in residential areas. In 1981, the Department of Buildings erroneously renewed the … <Read More>

Autumn Has Arrived – Are We Responsible for Fallen Leaves?

How to collect your fall leaves and properly dispose of yard waste. Autumn has arrived, and with it, the annual plethora of fallen leaves in every shape, color and size. A New York City resident or commercial business owner is responsible for keeping sidewalk areas free from any obstruction that could impede pedestrian traffic. This begs the question, does such a requirement include a responsibility to rake, collect and set out fall foliage?

Appellate Department Affirms $20,000 Fine for Astoria Landing Sign in Residential District

New owner relied on error by Buildings which had erroneously issued permit for sign in residential district. Beginning in 1941 the owner of a 4-story apartment building located at 24-59 32nd Street in Astoria, Queens, allowed a sign to be painted on the south wall of the building. In 1961 the City adopted an amendment to the zoning resolution which prohibited signs in residential districts including the district covering 24-59 32d Street. Non-conforming signs then … <Read More>

Hotel Use Ruled Unlawful

Hotel continued to operate transient use despite amendments to the Multiple Dwelling Law. The Royal Park Hotel, located at 258 West 97th St., Manhattan, operates as a transient use hotel. On July 5, 2012, Buildings issued a notice of violation to the Royal Park Hotel charging that it was operating as a transient hotel in violation of its 1964 certificate of occupancy. The 1964 certificate of occupancy classified the building as class A, a … <Read More>

City Officials Agree to Tougher 421-a Enforcement

421-a enforcementThe City Council, Public Advocate and administration officials agree that new measures should be taken to ensure 421-a compliance, proposed legislation is a good start. On November 22, 2016, the City Council’s Committee on Housing and Buildings and Committee on Finance held a joint hearing on the City’s enforcement of 421-a requirements. The meeting also served as a public hearing for three proposed bills to strengthen enforcement efforts.

Staten Island Building Owner Fined $71,900 for Illegal Conversion

Owner converted a two-family house to a four-family. On May 27, 2009, the Department of Buildings issued four notices of violation to Nashat Estafanous. Estafanous owned a residential property at 25 Simonson Avenue in Staten Island, which he converted, without permits, from a two-family residence to a four-family residence by fitting the attic and newly-constructed garage for occupancy. The NOVs imposed a fine totaling $31,100, and ordered Estafanous to remove the illegal conversion construction … <Read More>