Prior Notice Claim Advances

Pedestrian injured on a defect in the sidewalk owned by the City. Pedestrian Luis Sanchez was injured when he tripped and fell on a defect in the sidewalk located on Westchester Avenue between St. Ann’s Avenue and Brook Avenue in the Bronx. Sanchez sued the City. The City, citing the generality of the mark on a Big Apple Map, moved to dismiss the complaint for lack of prior notice.

Autumn Has Arrived – Are We Responsible for Fallen Leaves?

How to collect your fall leaves and properly dispose of yard waste. Autumn has arrived, and with it, the annual plethora of fallen leaves in every shape, color and size. A New York City resident or commercial business owner is responsible for keeping sidewalk areas free from any obstruction that could impede pedestrian traffic. This begs the question, does such a requirement include a responsibility to rake, collect and set out fall foliage?

Sidewalk Claim Reinstated Against City

Pedestrian slipped and fell on sloped, granite sidewalk, the design for which had been approved by the City. On June 18, 2013, Carolyn J. Trawinski was injured when she slipped and fell on a sloped sidewalk adjacent to the side entrance of a mixed commercial-residential building at 183 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn near the entrance of the L line subway station. The sidewalk was made up of smooth, polished granite, and was wet at the … <Read More>