Seaman Cottage designated a landmark

Seaman Cottage in Staten Island moved to Historic Richmond. Photo: LPC.


Staten Island house moved to Historic Richmond Village prior to being designated. Seaman Cottage, a two-story Greek Revival Style house constructed in 1836, which had been relocated and re-calendared by Landmarks, was designated an individual landmark on December 13, 2005. While many similar wood-framed clapboard houses were built in Staten Island during the 1830s, few well-preserved examples remain today. Slated to be destroyed, the house was moved in July 2005 from its original location on Center Street to Clarke Avenue in Historic Richmond Village. 2 CityLand 107 (Aug. 15, 2005).

LPC Item No. 7 (LP-2168), Seaman Cottage (December 13, 2005).

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