Rudin plan for St. Vincent’s redevelopment approved

Rudin tweaked project’s site plan in response to concerns raised at hearing. On January 23, 2012, the City Planning Commission approved the Rudin Management Company Inc.’s plan to redevelop the former St. Vincent’s hospital complex into a 450-unit mixed-used project. The project site is situated on two parcels in the Greenwich Village Historic District. The East Site parcel includes eight former St. Vincent’s Hospital buildings along West 12th Street, down Seventh Avenue and along West 11th Street. The Triangle Site parcel is located on the west side of Seventh Avenue. It is occupied by materials handling and gas storage facilities, and a fenced-off elevated landscaped area. 

Rudin initially included the O’Toole Building to the north of the site in its plans. However, Rudin later donated the building to North Shore-LIJ Health System to be used as comprehensive health center.

Rudin’s proposal for the East Site Parcel includes converting four buildings on West 11th and West 12th Streets to apartments. Rudin would demolish the remaining buildings and replace them with a sixteen-story building along Seventh Avenue, a ten-story building along West 12th Street, and five townhouses along West 11th Street. The project would include space for medical offices, ground floor retail, and an underground parking garage.

On the Triangle Site, Rudin would demolish the existing structures to create 16,000 sq.ft. of publicly accessible open space. Rudin designed the open space in consultation with Manhattan Community Board 2. The plan would include multiple entrances to landscaped areas, wood benches, a water feature, and artwork and/or memorials.

To facilitate the project, Rudin submitted multiple applications including a request to rezone the East Site parcel, and for special permits to modify use and height and setback regulations, open space requirements, and to allow the parking garage. Rudin obtained Landmarks approval for the project’s East Site in 2009 and for Triangle Site in December 2011.

At the City Planning Commission’s hearing, supporters of the project cited its ability to revitalize the area. Opponents expressed a variety of concerns, including that the proposal was too large, that it should include affordable housing, and that there were no plans to replace St. Vincents with a full-service hospital.

The Queer History Alliance urged Rudin to develop the Triangle Site into an AIDS memorial park, and announced that it would hold an open design competition for the site. Other residents suggested that Rudin transfer control of the site to Parks or a non-profit entity. 8 City- Land 170 (Dec. 2011).

The Commission unanimously approved the proposal, finding that it would reactivate the neighborhood. The Commission noted that in response to concerns raised in the public review process, Rudin agreed to record a restrictive declaration detailing, among other things, modifications to the project’s design elements. Regarding the Triangle Site, Rudin agreed to reduce the height of the fence, eliminate entrance stairs and a retaining wall, and would bring any proposed modification to the open space plan to CB 2. Further, Rudin agreed to create a seven-member Triangle Open Space Oversight Board to monitor site conditions. The board would include members appointed by Parks, CB 2, the borough president, and the local council member.

The Commission applauded the proponents of an AIDS memorial for their efforts, but noted that future changes to the approved site plan would likely require Commission review and Rudin’s approval. The City Council has until March 12, 2012 to review the plan.

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