Queens rezoning receives ULURP certification

Down-zoning proposed for 135- block area of northeast Queens. On July 10, 2006, the Planning Commission certified as complete City Planning’s proposal to rezone 135 blocks of the Douglaston and Little Neck neighborhoods in northeast Queens. The area is generally bounded by Grand Central Parkway to the south, Douglaston Parkway, Alley Pond Parkway and Alley Pond Park to the west, Long Island Sound to the north, and the Nassau County line to the east. Under the City’s land use review process, the proposal now goes to Queen’s Community Board 11 for review. The board tentatively scheduled a public hearing for September 5, 2006.

The proposal seeks to downzone lots currently zoned to allow development of all residential building types (R3-2) to a zoning limiting development to detached one- and two-family homes (R3-X). A large portion of blocks currently zoned for detached single-family homes (R2) would be further restricted as to height by an R2A zone, and the commercial zoning in the area would be reduced to prevent commercial uses from encroaching onto predominantly residential blocks.

City Planning Commission Review Session, Douglaston-Little Neck Rezoning, Application Nos. 060562 ZMQ (map amendment), 060563 ZRY (text amendment) (July 10, 2006).

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