Community Board plan approved for Queensboro Bridge area

Manhattan Community Board 8 submitted plan for new park, improved amenities and lighting of Queensboro Bridge. In 2002, Community Board 8 started to develop its own land use plan for the revitalization of the area around the Queensboro Bridge. Its outreach led to the development of a community- based land use plan pursuant to Section 197-a of the City Charter.

The plan recommended use of the Queensboro Bridge area for new parks and waterfront access. The Community Board stressed that Manhattan Community District 8 is one of the city’s most densely populated areas but it has a per capita ratio of park land below the city’s average. The plan covers an Lshaped area bounded by the East River, East 59th Street, Second Avenue and the mid-block line between East 60th and East 61st Streets, and a second area bounded by York Avenue from East 60th to East 63rd Streets and East 63rd Street from York Avenue to the East River.

The proposal identifies a site at East 60th to East 63rd Streets along the East River as a new waterfront park location. The site contains a building owned by Sanitation and a heliport, both of which are no longer functioning. The sites are currently used as staging areas for the FDR Drive reconstruction. The plan also calls for the revitalization of existing park space at Tramway Park, Honey Locust Park and Pavilion Park, new decorative paving, light posts, seating throughout the proposed area, and lighting of the Queensboro Bridge.

Community Board 8 submitted the plan to the Planning Commission as well as other City agencies. The process led to a commitment from the EDC to transfer the Sanitation and heliport sites to the Department of Parks and Recreation for development of a new park. As a result of comments from DOT, Community Board 8 eliminated the plan to relocate the trolley kiosk on Bridge Plaza and a proposed ramp connecting Honey Locust Park to the Queensboro Bridge area.

The Planning Commission approved the plan, praising Community Board 8 for targeting such a small area in a 197-a plan. The City Council’s review of the plan is mandatory under the City Charter.

Review Process
Lead Agency: CPC,Neg.Dec.
Comm.Bd.: MN 8, App’d
Boro. President: App’d
Council: Pending

CPC: CD8 Waterfront 197-a Plan (N 060096 NPM) (July 12, 2006). CITYADMIN

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