Parks and DDC Celebrate Ground Breaking for Tide Gate Bridge Renovation Project in Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Render of what renovated Tide Gate Bridge will look like. Image Credit: DDC.

On May 28, 2024, the Department of Design and Construction and the Parks Department joined elected officials and local officials to break ground on a renovation project for the Tide Gate Bridge in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, also known as Porpoise Bridge. 

The bridge was originally constructed in 1938 for the 1939 World’s Fair to dam Flushing Creek and control tides in the park. The current bridge carries Meridian Road over Flushing Creek between the Billie Jean King Tennis Center and the World Ice Arena. The bridge is currently 36 feet wide and 370 feet long. Under the bridge, a hydraulic control system with tide gates and sluice gates regulate the flow of the creek between Flushing Bay and Meadow Lake. 

The renovation project will replace the existing bridge deck with a new deck that is about 4.6 feet wider. The bridge’s sidewalks will be connected to the sidewalks on both sides with ADA-compliant ramps. The road will be repaved and utility lines will be replaced. The mechanical flood control structures beneath the deck will be replaced with new automated stainless-steel tide and sluice gates and a hydraulic control system. The system’s control house will be relocated to an elevated platform near the LIRR tracks.

Wetlands will also be added to the northwest abutments of the bridge and other areas will be restored with new plants and grass. 

The project will be managed by the Department of Design and Construction for the Parks Department and is anticipated to be completed in summer 2027. The project is expected to cost $41 million. 

Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue stated, “NYC Parks is excited to once again collaborate with the Department of Design and Construction on the vital project to reconstruct and enhance Tide Gate Bridge in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  Urban infrastructure renovation projects, such as Porpoise Bridge, underscore this administration’s efforts to advocate for our parks’ past, present, and future. This investment aims to prolong the bridge’s lifespan and preserve the ecology of its waterway, ensuring the sustainability of our park and enhancing its resilience for the benefit of all New Yorkers.”

State Senator John Liu stated, “The Tide Gate Bridge plays an important role in helping to regulate the flow of Flushing Creek and the volume of runoff from highways surrounding Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The addition of ADA-compliant ramps and other improvements will enhance the experience of all the park visitors who use this historic span. I look forward to using the new and improved Porpoise Bridge as soon as this important renovation work is completed.”

By: Veronica Rose (Veronica is the Editor of CityLand and a New York Law School graduate, Class of 2018.)




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