BSA rejects developer seeking a dormitory use permit

Developer planned a 19-story dormitory building without an existing school affiliation. BSA denied developer Gregg Singer’s appeal from a Department of Buildings determination rejecting Singer’s application to build a 1 9- story, 222-unit student dormitory building on the site of former P.S. 64, located at 609 East 9th Street in the East Village. Singer had acquired the five-story, former elementary school from the City for $3.15 million at a 1 998 auction. The existing building … <Read More>

Transfer of historic Admirals Row approved

Commission approved 34-acre transfer to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation. The Department of Small Business Services and DCAS proposed to acquire and transfer an additional 34 acres to the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation to be added to the 262-acre area currently under its management. A majority of the area to be transferred, 28 acres, contains the former U.S. Navy’s Hospital Annex. The remaining six acres, currently owned by the U.S. National Guard, contain … <Read More>

Manhattanville’s 197-a plan goes forward

Community Board 9 and Columbia University presented different rezoning plans for Manhattanville. At the Planning Commission’s review session on October 1 7, 2005, the Commission determined that Manhattan Community Board 9’s independent 1 97-a plan for the future rezoning and development of Manhattanville met threshold standards. The plan culminated over 12 years of work by the Board. Under the City Charter and Rules, before environmental review of the 1 97-a plan can commence, the Commission … <Read More>

Council denies cafe a sidewalk renewal permit

Council rejection based on owner’s failure to pay $16,000 in City fees. Dominick DeSimone, owner of the Stonewall Bistro, the Stonewall Bar and the Stonewall Nightclub in Greenwich Village, applied to renew his sidewalk permit for the Bistro at 113 Seventh Avenue South. Community Board 2 and residents opposed the renewal.

At the Council hearing before the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises, DeSimone alleged that the community ‘s opposition to the renewal application was based … <Read More>

Plaza Hotel public rooms receive Landmark status

Council voted without debate to uphold Landmarks’ designation of the interiors of the Plaza Hotel. On October 27, 2005, the full Council voted to support the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s designation of eight interior rooms of the Plaza hotel as individual landmarks with very little debate. Landmarks had moved quickly to designate the Plaza’s interiors in April 2005 after Elad Properties, the Plaza’s current owners, filed a change of use application to alter some of the … <Read More>

Commercial zone overlays eliminated in Staten Island

Council angered by allegation that rezoning will impede affordable housing construction. The full Council approved three linked proposals to eliminate commercial zoning overlays in 21 areas of Staten Island after a public hearing where a Staten Island architect alleged that the actions would impede affordable housing development.

The October 6, 2005 hearing before the Council’s Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises became heated when a Staten Island architect, who first testified that a block on Wyman … <Read More>