Central Park building to be refurbished

Work will give Rumsey Summer Stage Support Building a new roof, windows and interior. Landmarks issued a binding report approving the design for roof and window replacements to improve the Rumsey Summer Stage Support Building in Central Park, a scenic landmark. The work will improve the building’s appearance and help protect it from further disrepair.

The one-story building was constructed in 1936-1937 in the Rumsey Playfield, located near the East Drive and 72nd Street. Originally used as a comfort station and facilities building, it is now used for storage after it was damaged by a fire. In its application, the Parks Department proposed to repair damaged roof tiles, raise the facade height with matching brickwork, install new doors and windows, and construct an addition on the northern side. Landmarks issued a separate permit to allow cleaning and repair of the exterior and to alter the interior.

In approving the work, Landmarks found that the changes were modest, the designs and materials were contextual with the building and surrounding park, and no significant features would be altered or destroyed.

LPC: Central Park (CRB 06-5467) (January 25, 2006). CITYADMIN

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