New district for Manhattan’s Upper West Side

Final Manhattan Avenue Historic District. Image: LPC.

Manhattan Avenue historic district to encompass 40 buildings. Landmarks unanimously designated the Manhattan Avenue Historic District, a 40-building district that encompasses several sets of row houses built between 1886 and 1889 on West 105th and West 106th Streets and Manhattan Avenue. Included among the buildings are row houses designed by Charles Pierrepont Gilbert, who is also noted for designs of 20 houses within the Park Slope Historic District and a mansion for F.W. Woolworth. The district encompasses an array of architectural styles, including Gothic, Queen Anne and Romanesque.

In voting to approve, Commissioner Margery Perlmutter remarked on the consistency of the buildings’ designs, calling it “unusual for the Upper West Side” and saying its streets feel more like Brooklyn’s.

With the vote to approve, the district became the City’s 87th historic district.

LPC: Manhattan Avenue Historic District (LP-2256) (May 15, 2007).


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