New bridge for East 153rd Street approved

Bridge will provide four traffic lanes, two bike paths, two walkways and a needed cross-town connection. The Department of Transportation sought a City Map amendment for the construction of a new East 153rd Street bridge in the Bronx to span the Metro North railroad tracks and reconnect the east-west linkage of East 153rd, between Morris Avenue and the Grand Concourse. DOT closed the original 1899 two-lane bridge in 1988, due to safety concerns, and demolished it in 1992. The new $40 million cable-stayed bridge, envisioned to be a showpiece for South Central Bronx, will have four traffic lanes, two bike lanes, and two sidewalks, and will require the widening of East 153rd Street to accommodate the added traffic lanes. The existing right-of-way will be expanded from 113 feet to 143.3 feet and two other portions of East 153rd Street, from Grand Concourse to Concourse Village West and from Concourse Village East to Morris Avenue, will be widened and realigned. DOT will acquire four privately-owned lots and demolish two buildings for the expansion of East 153rd Street.

At the Commission’s April 13, 2005 public hearing, only a DOT representative appeared. The Commission unanimously approved on May 25, 2005, finding that the bridge will provide a needed cross-town connection and ease congestion on East 149th and East 161st Streets, South Central Bronx’s east-west thoroughfares. The Commission noted that DOT sent a letter addressing each recommendation of Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Jr., which confirmed Parks’ approval of the traffic island at Grand Concourse and East 153rd Street as green space and DOT’s commitment that lighting would extend to Grand Concourse and Morris Avenue.

ULURP Process: DOT, as lead agency, issued a draft environmental impact statement on July 20, 2004 and Borough President Carrion held a public hearing on August 30, 2004. The DEIS is available at DOT’s CEQR/Project Analysis Office. DOT issued a final environmental impact statement on May 5, 2005.

Community Board 1 and Community Board 4 approved. Borough President Carrion approved with conditions. The Borough Board did not submit a recommendation.

CPC: East 153rd Street Bridge (C 030537 MMX – City map amendment) (May 25, 2005). CITYADMIN

CITYLAND Comment: The City Council approved the East 153rd Street Bridge application on June 23, 2005.

One thought on “New bridge for East 153rd Street approved

  1. Wow! So many memories, my grandmother and my whole family were raised in that neighborhood, living at that time, in the 5 story tenements, before they were knocked down for the newer projects, on 151st, between Morris and Park Ave. I remember the original 153rd Street Bridge back in the late 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, with it’s steel structured trestle, riding my bike, skating, playing on that bridge, and also, watching the trains passing underneath the dark brown steel colored bridge.The bridge was in bad shape, remembering pieces of the steel were rusting, and flaking off the structure. I was actually able to peel the flakes of steel right off, along with, many pieces of that steel scattered on the sidewalk!
    Anyway, when they closed the bridge, you had to go to The149thst Bridge to cross over the railroad tracks, and then finally, the bridge was dismantled, leaving a baron space of memory of he old structure. Well, every time I’m in that area, I picture that old bridge in the space that once was, and this block off to the roadway on Park Ave, and The Grand Concourse always looked like something incomplete?
    However, it would be nice to have a new bridge at 153rdst again, having easier access to the Grand Concourse, alleviating some of the traffic going over The149thst Bridge, and a convenience for pedestrians in the neighborhood to cross over as well…

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