New Affordable Housing Development To Be Built Off-Site

City will use the modular construction method to reduce costs and construction time. On May 23, 2018, Housing Preservation & Development announced a Request for Proposals for the design, construction, and management of the new 100% affordable mixed-income and mixed-use development in East New York, Brooklyn. The City-owned project site is an L-shaped parcel of 49,397 square-feet along Eldert Lane between Pitkin and Glenmore Avenues. A portion of the site is also located along Grant Avenue adjacent to the Grant Avenue A-train subway station.

The development will require modular construction, a process in which a building is constructed off-site using the same materials and following the same codes and standards, but reduces the amount of time for construction. The City seeks to use modular construction to reduce construction costs and development time. Once the modules are constructed off-site, they are then transported and assembled at the project site. The City is “leveraging [this method] under Housing New York 2.0, to accelerate the development of additional affordable housing in New York City.”

The new development will provide housing affordability to a range of income levels based on economic need of the neighborhood. East New York community members provided insight and input into the Request for Proposals to ensure the development responses to the neighborhood needs. To read a report on the community’s input, click here.

Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen said “As Housing New York 2.0 revs up the City’s affordable housing engine, innovations in building and design technology can help us move faster and smarter. The Grant Avenue RFP will be key to developing our understanding of how modular housing can work for the New York market.”

HPD Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer said “New York City has long been a nerve center for housing innovation, and under Housing New York 2.0 we’re continuing that tradition of pioneering new solutions to address our city’s housing crisis. Not only will this RFP generate proposals for much needed affordable housing on City-owned land, it is the first of its kind to require the use of modular construction techniques to bring affordable housing online faster and more efficiently.”

Submission of proposals for the development is due on September 10, 2018. For more information, click here.


By: Dorichel Rodriguez (Dorichel is the CityLaw Fellow and NYLS Graduate, Class of 2017.)

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