Landmarks refused commercial signage and banners

Alterations installed without prior approval. Two owners of separate buildings in the Greenwich Village Historic District, 373 Sixth Avenue and 218-224 West 4th Street, sought to legalize work done without Landmarks’ approval. At 373 Sixth Avenue, the owner had installed an internally illuminated projecting sign, flag poles, a new storefront door, and painted the ground floor white. The owner of 218-224 West 4th Street had installed four banners on the West 4th Street and Christopher Street facades. Both owners had received warning letters, and 373 Sixth Avenue had also received a Notice of Violation.

Landmarks declined to legalize the work at both addresses, finding that the 373 Sixth Avenue flagpoles had damaged the 1875 building’s architecture; the signage was excessive; and the modern door was not in keeping with the character of the building.

The work at 218-224 West 4th Street concealed decorative features of the architecture and was not in keeping with the scale of signage that would typically be used for second floor businesses.

LPC: 373 Sixth Avenue (Permit Denial No. 05-2917) (October 26, 2004); LPC: 218- 224 West 4th Street (Permit Denial No. 05- 2906) (October 26, 2004). CITYADMIN

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