Kiosks and trailblazing signs approved for downtown

Signs requested by MetroTech BID and local businesses. Landmarks issued a binding report approving MetroTech BID’s proposal to install “way finding signage” throughout downtown Brooklyn. The proposal developed more than three years ago from a general consensus among MetroTech and downtown Brooklyn business groups that there was a lack of signage in downtown Brooklyn to assist pedestrians in finding key destinations. Initially using its own funds, and later obtaining capital funding from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and the City Council, MetroTech is now working with the Economic Development Corporation to further its proposal.

MetroTech’s plan to install kiosks and pole-mounted signs throughout downtown Brooklyn impacted six historic districts: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Heights, Clinton Hill, Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, and Fulton Ferry. The kiosks will be approximately sevenfeet tall and two-feet wide and placed at major pedestrian traffic locations, such as subway and bus stops. They will display a map directory on one side and a detailed, area-wide map on the other. Directional signs, approximately two-feet square, will be mounted on poles approximately 11-feet tall and will complete the signage system by providing directions to specific locations.

In approving a master plan for the dimensions, colors and location of the kiosks and signage within the historic districts, Landmarks found that the signs would not detract from the architectural features of the historic districts, and that the placement of the signs and kiosks would not detract from nearby buildings, in part because the buildings were not individual landmarks. A limited number of kiosks on the street would not overwhelm the streetscape and signs would be limited to major thoroughfares and spread throughout the historic districts so as to not be visually overwhelming. Having already obtained approval of the proposal from DOT, MetroTech is now seeking design approval from the City Art Commission.

LPC: Case No. 06-5375, Various Locations (March 10, 2006) (MetroTech BID). CITYADMIN

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