HPD pushes through 517 affordable housing units

Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn housing projects approved; sent to Council. On March 28 and April 11, 2007, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development obtained Planning Commission approval for eight affordable housing projects, totaling 517 units, to be developed in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Two of the Bronx projects, including the 50-unit Fox Leggett Cooperative Apartments and the 162- unit Grant Avenue Cooperative Apartments, provide ownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income families. Both of these projects also include community facility space and outdoor landscaped open space.

Three developments are being offered through HPD’s Cornerstone program, which is designed to encourage construction of new mixed-income housing developments on City-owned land. HPD selects developers through a request for proposals, and uses a variety of funding sources to encourage development. During FY07 and FY08, HPD anticipates the Cornerstone program will generate 3,500 new housing opportunities.

In total, HPD applied for 275 affordable housing units in the Bronx, 170 in Brooklyn and 72 in Manhattan. In each of the eight applications, HPD applied for the designation of a UDAAP, which, if approved by the City Council, will provide the projects with state tax exemptions.

City Council approved one of the projects in Brooklyn – Moffat Gardens Senior Housing. Council’s mandatory review of the remaining seven projects is pending.

Council: Moffat Gardens Senior Housing (C 070209 HAK) (April 12, 2007); CPC: The Rockaway (C 070273 HAK) (March 28, 2007); CPC: The Savannah (C 070259 HAM) (April 11, 2007); CPC: West 146th Condominiums (C 070258 HAM) (April 11, 2007); CPC: Melrose Commons Site 5 (C 070280 HAX) (April 11, 2007); CPC: Fox Leggett Cooperative Apartments (C 070272 HAX) (April 11, 2007); CPC: Grant Avenue Cooperative Apartments (C 070311 HAX) (April 11, 2007); CPC: Gates Avenue Cooperatives (C 070243 HAK) (April 11, 2007). CITYADMIN

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