Hotel approved for West Village

Morris Adjmi and Landmarks agree on hotel design. On March 25, 2008, Landmarks voted to approve an application by 145 Perry Fee Owners LLC to build a six-story hotel, with penthouse, in the Greenwich Village Historic District. Under the application, the owners will demolish a two-story, 1938 stucco building to make room for the hotel.

The application originally proposed a seven-story hotel, with penthouse. At the initial public hearing on February 12th, Manhattan Community Board 2 opposed demolition, arguing that the existing building contributed to the district’s character. A representative of State Assembly-member Thomas K. Duane read a statement expressing sympathy for Board 2’s concerns, and asked that the hotel be scaled down “to be more in line with adjacent buildings.” The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation also felt that the proposed building was too tall and large for the district.

At the March 25th hearing, Morris Adjmi Architects presented a plan that reduced the height of the street wall and the size of the penthouse. Adjmi also presented photos of similarly sized buildings in the district.

Landmarks Chair Robert B. Tierney stated that the photos Adjmi produced made it easier for him to vote for approval. Commissioner Pablo Vengoechea called Adjmi’s proposal a “good design” and “well massaged.” Landmarks then voted unanimously to approve a Certificate of Appropriateness.

LPC: 145 Perry St., Manhattan (COFA# 08-1303) (Mar. 25, 2008).

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