Hearing held on Flatbush school designation

EDC intends to transfer property to non-profit trade group. On September 18, 2007, Landmarks heard testimony on the possible designation of the former Public School 90 building in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Architect John Y. Culyer, also responsible for the nearby Flatbush Town Hall, a City landmark, designed P.S. 90 in 1878, before Flatbush assimilated into the city of Brooklyn. P.S. 90 built additions to the school in 1886 and 1906. Chair Robert B. Tierney stated that Landmarks originally considered the building for designation and held a hearing in 1989.

At the hearing, Christina DeRose from the Economic Development Corporation testified that the EDC had entered into a partnership with the Caribbean-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2005 with the intention of transferring the vacant school to the group to use as its headquarters. DeRose testified that the EDC supported designation if Landmarks designated only the building and not the surrounding lot, which the Chamber plans to convert into an exhibition space. Flatbush’s Council Member Kendall Stewart, speaking in support, stated that the building by itself “is not able to accommodate everything we propose and plan.”

The Historic Districts Council also testified at the hearing and urged Landmarks to designate the whole lot, but with a lenient eye towards development. Chair Tierney closed the hearing without comments by any commissioners. Landmarks has not set a date for a vote on designation.

LPC: Hearing on Former Public School 90, 2274 Church Avenue, Brooklyn (LP- 2285) (Sept. 18, 2007).

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