Hearing approved for Domino Sugar building

Refinery buildings, just north of Williamsburg Bridge, were completed in 1884. On May 22, 2007, Landmarks voted to consider designation of the former Domino Sugar Processing Plant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Under consideration are three connected structures, the Pan House, Finishing House, and Filter House, which is the largest structure in the complex, standing 13 stories above the East River. Landmarks’ action did not include the nearby 1960s building hosting the yellow neon “Domino Sugar” sign.

Located just north of the Williamsburg Bridge, a fire destroyed the original 1856 plant. The replacement facility, which includes the three buildings being considered, became the largest sugar processing plant in the country once construction ended in 1884. Landmarks’ research department pointed to John van Voorst Booraem, the company’s chief engineer, as the plant’s probable architect. The Domino plant remains the largest surviving structure from Brooklyn’s sugar processing industry, once a major business with New York as the nation’s largest producer.

Domino ceased sugar production at the site in the 1970s and the three buildings remained vacant. The company later closed down the location in 2004. Recently, the Community Preservation Corporation purchased the buildings and intends to convert the plant to residential use.

LPC: Former Domino Sugar Processing Plant, 293 Kent Avenue (LP-2267) (May 22, 2007).

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