Freight transfer facility allowed to work on Sundays

Post-9/11 changes required amendment to 1996 BSA resolution. Compass Forwarding operates a freight transfer facility near JFK Airport at 159-15 Rockaway Blvd. in Springfield, Queens. In 1996, Compass obtained a variance to permit enlargement of its transfer station on condition that operations would be suspended Sundays. In July 2005, Compass applied to BSA to amend the terms of the variance to allow Sunday operation so that it could comply with post-9/11 regulations for air freight transfer and holding.

Compass argued that under new federal regulations all freight must be removed from holding areas within four hours of arrival, and requested that it be permitted to operate one truck to transfer Sunday arrivals between 10:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. BSA recommended that Compass shorten its proposed hours of operation by using two trucks to transfer freight on Sundays. Compass responded that the time frame was necessary to accommodate potential flight delays.

Community Board 13 initially objected, but ultimately recommended approval, saying that it would monitor the facility.

BSA granted the variance, noting that the number of residences in the area has decreased significantly in the last ten years, lessening the impact of Sunday operation.

BSA: 159-15 Rockaway Boulevard, (173- 94-BZ) (April 25, 2006) (Rothkrug, Rothkrug, Weinberg, Spector, for Compass). CITYADMIN

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