Former Bronx Borough President fined $10,000

Adolfo Carrión, Jr. hired architect for private job at same time architect worked on project that Carrión later recommended for approval. Hugo Subotovsky worked as an architect on a Bronx development project known as Boricua Village. Atlantic Development Group LLC was the developer, and Peter Fine, one of Atlantic’s principals, was part of the team seeking City approval for the project through the City’s land use review process. Subotovsky was also part of this team. During the approval process, then-Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión, Jr. asked Fine, his friend, about hiring an architect for renovation work on his home. Fine suggested Carrión speak to Subotovsky, and Carrión later hired him to do the work. Carrión did not know of Subotovsky’s involvement in Boricua Village, but knew him as an architect that had worked on other projects that were submitted to the Bronx Borough President’s office for review.

Subotovsky performed the architectural work for Carrión, and the Department of Buildings issued the corresponding work permits on January 21, 2007. On or about January 22, 2007, the Boricua Village project was sent to Carrión’s office for review, and Carrión recommended its conditional approval. Carrión paid the builders after the initial work was completed, but Subotovsky did not issue a bill at this time. Subotovsky sent Carrión a bill about two years later, after the Daily News investigated the matter and after Carrión obtained a final survey. 

In a settlement with the Conflicts of Interest Board, Carrión admitted to violating the City’s conflicts of interest law by asking Subotovsky to provide him with architectural services and by failing to do all that was necessary to receive a bill from Subotovsky, such as obtaining a final survey. Carrión also admitted that he should have disclosed to the Board his private transaction with the Boricua Village project architect prior to taking official action on the project. Carrión agreed to pay a $10,000 fine to settle the matter.

Carrión, Jr., COIB Case No. 2009-159 (Nov. 30, 2011).

CITYLAND Comment: The Conflicts of Interest Board has authority pursuant to the City Charter to bring cases against current and former City employees for violations of the City’s conflicts of interest law.

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